Airwar over Flevoland

The following so called “Flevoland Memories” are the result of an interview in September 2009, in the so called week of history, by Lenie Bolle, with Gerrie Zwanenburg former Salavage Officer,

Lenie was born and does live on Urk, the former island in what used to be the 'old Zuydersea'. An appropriate place as it was a wellknown 'pinpoint' for many Allied Airmen flying over in WW2.

A historical interview, mainly intended for schools, and those Dutch who were born after WW2 to tell them what the aircraft, flying over night and day did mean for the Dutch, and people in other German occupied countries. The sound of freedom!

The Dutch interview has been on internet all those years, and talking it over with good foreign friends it came out that an English version also might be of interest abroad, hence this translation.

Any comments, and/or posssible questions, much appreciated.

Translation: Mrs. Shelley Tietema – Price, and Gerrie Zwanenburg.

Klik hier voor de Nederlandse teksten.