Not easy these first years in the polder

Polder-bound! The Zuiderzeeproject: past and future


"My first years in the polder were not easy, small children and no one to talk to... People visiting said: 'That wouldn't be the life for me'. My husband thought it was completely normal for a woman to almost never get out of the house. He spent all day surrounded by the other men and had many evening attendings. Nor did he sympathise. He just said: 'There are plenty who would jump at the chance to go to the polder'. When we became farmers our selves we bought a car early on, and my husband said: ' If you want to drive, there's the car. All yo've got to do is learn.'So I did."

(Source: Batavialand in Lelystad, Oral History Project, Interview Jannie van der Deen-Koekoek (b. 1919), farmer in Noordoostpolder from 1943).

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