The selection of new farmers

Polder-bound! The Zuiderzeeproject: past and future


"This person came around to take a look. What sort of woman it was, I don't recall, probably a social worker. She came to check on the family to see if the toilet was clean, she examined the cupboards. I can still get angry just thinking about it, thinking if someone tried that on me today [1996]. I'd show them the door! But back then we just accepted it.

She also asked if there were debts. And here I was, having left Lemmer not owing a penny. I felt so humiliated. But it didn't occur to me to object. Apparently the report was positive, because we got word that we'd be allowed to rent a place. In one of those neighbourhoods made up of equal shares of Catholics, Protestants, people who weren't anything. That's how things went in those days."

(Source: Batavialand in Lelystad, Oral History Project, Interview Mrs. T. Hoekstra-Poepjes, resident of Dronten since 1964).